Community Advisory Board

What does it mean to be a Community Advisor Board?

Members of our Community Advisory Board (CAB) complete tasks not only important for Virimodo, but also our communities. CAB Members help shape change toward renewable energy within communities and help transform the Earth for a better future. More than ever, the consequences of climate change are apparent and we need to start acting now. The transition to renewable energy sources won’t be easy but with the help of Virimodo’s CAB, we can lead by example.

1. How can you help as a Community Advisor?

As a member of Virimodo’s (CAB), you’ll help inform your community about the importance of using renewable energy. CAB Memberslearn about and discuss environmental issues/regulations, climate change, and suggest the tone and tenor of our eco-messaging. CAB members are expected to:

  • 1. Attend monthly board meetings along with other related events;
  • 2. Be informed on the agenda and accompanying materials prior to board meetings;
  • 3. Share discoveries from the community and provide feedback and strategic advice;
  • 4. Advance new projects;
  • 5. Assist other members at Virimodo.
With your help, we can reach out to people and help them transition to renewable energy.

2. What are the benefits of becoming a Community Advisor?

Being a Community Advisor means more than just helping the community transition to renewable energy sources. As an Advisor, you will:

  • 1. Develop leadership skills that will help prepare to lead in your future jobs;
  • 2. Develop plans with other CAB Members;
  • 3. Execute those plans in the field;
  • 4. Learn communication/relationship skills which will help you in your community and career;
  • 5. Become eligible to earn volunteer hours and corresponding swag;
  • 6. Help create a greener Earth.

3. Community Advisory Board Responsibilities

1) Attend monthly board meetings along with other related events;

2) Be informed on the agenda and accompanying materials prior to board meetings;

3) Host events in your neighborhood to promote Green Energy;

4) Be willing to share developments in the field;

5) Provide feedback and strategic advice to aid the advancement of new projects;

6) Assess the labor market demand and monitor Virimodo performance;

7) Recruit and introduce new board members;

8) Assist with the marketing and publicization of the program;

9) Provide unbiased opinions and ideas from a third point of view;

10) Provide insightful suggestions and comments to invited speakers;

11) Help identify issues/problems and be willing to voice your concerns;

12) Be accepting of other ideas put forward that you may disagree with.

4. Can I earn swag for volunteering?


Volunteer hours Incentives
10 hours T-shirt
11 - 20 hours Pen, keychain and sticker
21 - 40 hours Coffee mug
41 - 60 hours Duffle bag and reusable grocery tote bag
61 - 80 hours Padfolio
80+ hours Gold pin and personal choice gift

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