Energy Ambassador

What does it mean to be an Renewable Energy Ambassador?

Renewable energy is the future. Renewable Energy Ambassadors (REAs) want to contribute to make the earth pollution-free. REAs are curious, want to learn more, and become the recognized energy leader in their building. REAs help their neighbors learn about reducing greenhouse gases using low-carbon options such as renewable energy and carbon offsets. REAS are the leaders of a vital grassroots education program oriented to drive excitement and understanding building by building. REAs raise advocacy and awareness through building-based presentations, energy parties, film screenings and happy hours.

REAs not only impact their buildings, but also help transform the Earth for a better future. The transition to renewable energy sources won’t be easy but with the help of REAs, we can meet this challenge one building at a time.

1. How can you help as an Ambassador?

Our mission is to reduce greenhouse gases in the cities and as an Ambassador, you will raise awareness about renewable energy. Whether you’re a condo/co-op owner, renter, or a college student, you can help to create a healthier environment because everyone can use renewable energy and/or purchase carbon offsets. Many of your neighbors aren’t aware of the benefits of renewable energy. You’ll help educate your neighbors about the importance of living low carbon lifestyles. To do this, you can host events in your building. You’ll have a monthly budget and the freedom to choose how you want to spread the message. Virimodo provides 15 hours of cost- free training in the areas of renewable energy, energy widgets, and the industry ecosystem. You’ll have the resources you need to be an incredible renewable energy ambassador!

2. What are the benefits of becoming an Ambassador?

As an ambassador, you’ll

  • 1. Learn more about renewable energy each month;
  • 2. Receive an invite to Virimodo’s 3-day annual retreat;
  • 3. Receive an invite to sustainability camp;
  • 4. Enhance your resume by gaining marketable professional skills;
  • 5. Be eligible to earn volunteer hours and corresponding swag;
  • 6. Create a better environment for the world;
  • 7. Expand your knowledge and your network.

3. Responsibilities for Energy Ambassador

1) Attend monthly REA meetings along with other related events

a) Be accepting of other ideas put forward that you may disagree with.
b) Work well with others and independently

2) In your building

a) Host parties/events in your building to promote renewable energy
b) Answer neighbors’ questions through channels you use (social, email, chat)
c) Communicate with neighbors/tenants frequently
d) Assist in the recruitment and introduction of new ambassadors)

3) Social Media

a) Weekly, Share eco-challenges/events & tag us @virimodo
b) Weekly, Post on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter & tag us @virimodo

4) Be willing to share learnings and embrace new experiences.

4. Can I earn swag for volunteering?


Volunteer hours Incentives
10 hours T-shirt
11 - 20 hours Pen, keychain and sticker
21 - 40 hours Coffee mug
41 - 60 hours Duffle bag and reusable grocery tote bag
61 - 80 hours Padfolio
80+ hours Gold pin and personal choice gift

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