Why is Virimodo so focused on reducing greenhouse gases?

Future generations are counting on us. We’re a benefit corporation designed to help build a livable, carbon-free future. We love our mission and we can't wait to see how our joint clean energy journey unfolds.

How does Virimodo get paid?

Clean energy suppliers pay us after you choose their service.

How does Virimodo’s tech work?

We save you time and money by curating clean energy at the best prices.

We've done the hard work of analyzing energy supplier data from 2005 to now and have curated top-rated energy suppliers.

Our information is always current as we calibrate daily so you can relax and let your energy choices reflect your personal values.

What are energy analytics and why does my household need them?

As a member, we’ll monitor your energy data to make sure you’re being efficient notify you of energy refunds, alert you to possible high bills, and match you with the best clean energy plan. Your dashboard will track this and more.

What is utility bill error checking?

Many utility bills have errors. As a member, on a monthly basis, we’ll check your bills for free and notify you if you’re owed a refund.

How can I get recognition for my low carbon deeds?

a. When you join, we plant a tree on your behalf.

b. “Share” badges inside your dashboard to announce your cool deeds.

c. Earn Virimodo Climate Impacter badges

I really care about the environment. What can do to get more involved?

Become an Energy Ambassador, win great prizes, and attend sustainability camp!

Or, join our Community Advisory Board and help guide our growing community.

Will our service be interrupted if we choose clean energy?

No. Your utility company is always responsible for delivering your energy.

What’s the easiest way to give it a try?

Sign up for a 6-month, variable-rate, 100% renewable energy plan. With variable-rate plans, you can switch to a different plan or supplier without being charged a cancellation fee.

What is the most economical option for me?

It’s usually best to choose a fixed rate plan if you don’t mind signing a contract for a set period – usually 12 months. The unit cost of your energy stays stable. Your bills change because consume more/less energy.

What if I’m moving soon?

Choose a variable-rate plan. You can switch to a different plan or supplier without being charged a cancellation fee. Be advised, these plans may be more expensive than fixed-rate plans.

Can I still sign up if I’m renting?

Yes. 67% of NYC households rent. You can usually still change to clean energy if you rent your home. Exception: Your landlord pays your supplier for the energy you use. If you’re unsure if you’re responsible for paying for your energy, check your tenancy agreement.

What if my landlord pays my utilities?

You don’t have the right to switch if your landlord pays the energy company directly and then charges you. If you want to switch to clean energy, you’ll need to ask your landlord to do it – but they don’t have to.

If you think that your landlord might be charging you too much for your energy, you should ask for a copy of the bill and ask them to explain how they worked out the charges.

What is the Social Cost of Carbon?

The social cost of carbon (SCC) is a metric designed to quantify and monetize climate damages, representing the net economic cost of carbon dioxide emissions.

Will the Social Cost of Carbon ever decrease?

No. As more greenhouse gases are emitted, they accumulate, and this leads to greater the damages.

NY State:

By 2030, 70% of electricity will come from renewable sources. See

By 2050 goal of 85% reduction of Greenhouse gases (GHGs). See

New York City:

GHGs will be capped. Exceeding caps will result in monetary fines.  See