Reduce your risk. Exceed energy and carbon requirements.

Increase your Net Operating Income (NOI)
Guarantee - We partner with utility companies, renewable energy suppliers, carbon offset providers and the EPA to ensure your energy and carbon footprint scoring will meet the strictest mandates.
Virimodo helps you increase your Real Estate Revenue and reduce your Operating Expenses. Here's how we do it.
Real Estate Revenue
Studies show, Energy Star certified buildings, perform better and enjoy a better reputation. This results in:
Higher Rents
Higher Occupancy Rates
Operating Expenses
Being more energy efficiency doesn’t necessarily mean an increased OE. At Virimodo, our customers typically experiences:
Savings in Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprints
Savings with Low-No Cost Energy Execution
Moreover, our ROI Calculator can help you forcast which Energy conservation measures will save the most. It helps inform strategic decisions about financing energy efficiency projects and evaluates the time value of money scenarios based on your actual energy data!